Abhijit Shinde
Managing Director, Solution Delivery

Abhijit Shinde brings tremendous data governance and data quality experience to his role as Managing Director of Solution Delivery. Through his collaborations with Chief Data Officers and business teams, he reliably designs and implements efficient, scalable, and business-focused solutions across multiple technologies and platforms, including support for regulatory and compliance requirements such as BCBS 239 and GDPR.

Abhijit’s expertise in translating business needs into high-value governance, quality, and data management solutions has been highly sought after by banking and financial industry clients, such as Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley. What’s more, he’s delivered keynote addresses and served on panels at financial industry conferences, including the North American Financial Information Summit (NAFIS) and Data Governance Financial Services (DGFS) conference. 

In addition to his client-facing work, Abhijit leverages the ITI Innovation Lab to accelerate our in-house technical expertise. In doing so, he ensures our teams are equipped to deliver on our promise as a holistic, cross-technology solution provider.

Abhijit joined ITI in 2011, and was promoted from development to a managerial role where he oversaw technology implementations. Since that time, his exceptional ability to understand business use cases and requirements has enabled him to design and implement solutions that best serve our clients’ needs, leveraging our talented teams on the ground.

Before coming onboard at ITI, Abhijit served as a Tech Lead at Wipro Technologies.

Abhijit received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Pune University.

“For many financial services organizations, data governance programs have been tactically focused on complying with changing regulations such as BCBS 239 and GDPR. We make the case for thinking more strategically about data governance and its integration with other key areas in data architecture—how an organization can effectively approach implementation and satisfy both organization and federal regulatory goals and requirements.”

– Abhijit Shinde