Javed Ahmad Mulani

As ITI director, Javed is driven to create processes around ETL that improve both client experience and a deep understanding of client needs. With his exceptional ability to quickly consume and interpret data, he also has a talent for translating those client needs into technical requirements.

With more than 15 years of ETL, business intelligence, and data warehousing experience and strong technical skills, Javed simplifies sophisticated processes, making them easier, more manageable, upgradeable, and sustainable.

It’s no surprise that Javed was awarded “Most Innovative” at ITI in 2018 and the “Leadership” award in 2019. His data analysis work has provided quick and impactful business solutions for our clients.

Prior to ITI, Javed drove a very aggressive conversion of Ab Initio to Talend ETL for VISA Inc. He has also contributed to multiple PoC and PoV studies related to ETL tools.

Javed holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from Pune University.

“Simplicity is the best policy.”

– Javed Mulani

Javed Mulani