Jim Athos,
Senior Vice President, Account Management Australia

A natural communicator and relationship-builder, Jim Athos joined ITI as Senior Vice President of Account Management for Australia in 2018. In this role, he engages clients and prospects across the organization—from technology specialists to senior management and C-suite leadership—not only gaining a deep understanding of their challenges but deftly presenting our unique value proposition, as well. Ultimately, Jim’s efforts instill client trust in ITI, and confidence that we’ll deliver the technology implementations necessary to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Australia was a relatively new target market for us when Jim came onboard. Since that time, he’s been instrumental in driving the expansion of our existing footprint—growing brand awareness among IT and business stakeholders, as well as illustrating our capabilities as a niche system integrator across financial services and insurance institutions.

In addition, Jim nurtures our relationships with technology partners Ab Initio and Collibra within Australia and New Zealand, in some cases bringing the parties together and delivering “the art of the possible”—integrated solutions that achieve desired client outcomes. Managing solution proposals and resourcing for our Tier1 bank prospects and clients in both Australia and New Zealand, he ensures our clients receive outstanding time to value for their real-time payment, reporting, data governance, and data compliance solutions. 

Before joining ITI, Jim married his passion for business outcomes and exceptional customer experience with his background in technology automation and electronic engineering into sales positions that date back to 1996. Over the years, his talent and experience have led to sales leadership roles of increasingly expanded scope at IBM Australia, Salesforce, and OpenText—and have spanned technology solutions ranging from CRM, analytics, and integration, as well as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence reporting.

“The big ITI advantage is that no matter our clients’ requirements here in Australia, we’ve done it before somewhere else. We’ve encountered every manner of governance and compliance requirement, and developed frameworks that accelerate time to value.

We’re also the largest privately-held company that offers 20 years’ in-depth experience delivering Ab Initio solutions and complex data projects to global Tier1 financial institutions—all leveraging proven, tested approaches and methodologies. And, by partnering with Collibra to enable logical business metadata access in conjunction with our Ab Initio technical capabilities, we’ve further expanded our value proposition, enabling clients to fully understand their data assets lineage.”

– Jim Athos