Marissa Humphreys
Director of Human Resources, North America

Marissa Humphreys is ITI’s Director of Human Resources in North America. In this role, she leads several aspects of the HR function, including recruitment efforts—from interviews to onboardings, and she is the touchstone for all employee queries. Marissa is instrumental in employee forecasting and planning, and is the administrator for critical systems such as the company’s Human Capital Management System.

Starting at ITI in 2017 as a Human Resources Associate, Marissa embodies ITI’s commitment to growing talent. Promoted to HR Manager in 2018 and her current role in 2020, she identifies continuous on-the-job learning and opportunities to impact company growth as key factors in her decision to come on board.

Marissa points to employee continuity as a core strength of ITI. The company stands behind its employees and, as a result, many have been with the company for more than five years. ITI leverages this institutional knowledge to deliver success for its clients.

Throughout her time at ITI, Marissa has been involved in revamping the employee performance appraisal process and documenting policies and procedures. She has implemented employee training programs for fraud, anti-bribery, and anti-harassment. Before joining ITI, she worked at Genesis10 as a Recruiting Administrator, where she led internal recruitment for the Software and Technology Team.

Marissa is a graduate of Boston University Questrom School of Business, and she holds a BS in Business Administration and Management.


“ITI has some of the brightest people in the industry, and part of that is because we invest in our employees. This allows us to be incredibly creative when it comes to finding solutions for our clients; we rarely meet a problem we can’t solve. It truly speaks to our employee base—they’re not just smart they’re innovative.”

– Marissa Humphreys

Marissa Humphreys, Director of HR for North America