Rajashree Ramesh

Joining ITI in 2011, Rajashree Ramesh has risen up through the ranks from Junior Developer to Director. Today, she puts her experience as an Ab Initio Solution Architect into play ensuring the successful delivery and management of functionality a global banking giant requires for its sanction compliance application—an integral part of the AML domain.

Rajashree was also part of the team responsible for building a central hub for corporate action notifications, where she leveraged her strong technical skills to improve data quality and remove operational inefficiencies. Her exceptional management style and client service delivery were directly responsible for the nearly 500% growth of her team.

Rajashree got her start as a Senior Project Engineer at Wipro Technologies, where she worked in mobile application and user interface development. She then transitioned to an associate role at Cognizant Technology Solutions, where she was responsible for data migration and the development of a central prescriptions repository, before coming on board at ITI.

Rajashree received her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from SathyabamaUniversity. She’s now studying machine learning and deep learning to build neural networks using Python.

“I enjoy serving as my client’s primary point of contact. They know they can count on us to deliver quality code and—because I manage the team and streamline internal processes—they don’t have to worry about what happens behind the scenes. I can ensure we give them a really smooth experience.”

– Rajashree Ramesh