Shashibhushan Singh
Centre and Delivery Head

Shashi joined ITI in 2020 as Centre and Delivery Head. Dedicated to driving the process efficiency and cross-team communication necessary for revenue growth, he takes on the task of effectively managing operations and infrastructure, as well as the timely delivery of projects. Additionally, Shashi is committed to the quality onboarding of new talent and bridging the communication gap within and across teams.

A keen business strategist, Shashi focuses on increased organization profitability and sustained growth. His in-depth knowledge of budgeting and procurement, as well as his understanding of regulations and development, has allowed him to not only institute IT services to Fortune 500 clients but also expand business through strategic collaborations.

Finally, Shashi has been a key driver in expanding the ITI organization through key human resources team functions. Directly responsible for talent interviews, salary negotiation, and more, he’s grown the talent pool at our Pune Centre by 30%; an expansion of well-trained resources that will further drive ITI’s revenue growth.

“Our strength, at ITI, is to provide our clients with a clear vision. Additionally, provide reliable control across their organization’s data and design solutions to enhance performance and scalability.”

– Shashibhushan Singh

Shashibhushan Singh