Steve Healy
SVP, Account Manager

To Steve Healy, growth is key. As the SVP, Account Manager for Australia clients and their offshore India business, Steve is driven to understand his client’s current and future requirements. His goal is to recognize how he and ITI can help clients prepare for today and tomorrow using solutions that drive revenue growth, ensure compliance, and clarify acquisition and expansion.

As an Account Manager, Steve believes that ITI’s commitment to acquiring and retaining exceptional talent provides exceptional value to ITI clients and creates stronger relationships; ITI’s talent pool gives clients confidence in the support that ITI provides.

Most importantly in his role at ITI, Steve is passionate about understanding his client’s needs and building the authentic relationships that clients value. He has a flair for managing complexity and can be counted on to deliver impactful strategy and results. In fact, Steve’s efforts on this front resulted in a strategic partnership that facilitated significant ITI Data business growth in Australia, as well as offshore in India.

Before coming on board with ITI in 2019, Steve refined his skills for business development, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction at IBM, FICO, and FIS.


“Clients see us as not just a provider of people, but a solutions provider. We have highly regarded people here. We provide quality.”

– Steve Healy

Steve Healy