Big Data

Big data exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, or does not fit the structures of existing client architectures.

That’s why our clients rely on us for business-driven, advanced technology that identifies, sources, captures, and ultimately capitalizes on these information assets that have high volume, velocity, and variety.

  • Facilitates better insight and decision-making
  • Provides benefits to risk management, AML compliance, fraud detection, cyber security, trade surveillance, and customer analytics
  • Meets regulatory objectives in governance, lineage, and compliance
  • Delivers real-time analysis and alerts
  • Surpasses traditional/legacy data stores for data completeness
  • Handles volume of data with speed and detail
  • Supports predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, and master data management


Data governance is a collaborative process that ensures important data assets are properly managed throughout the enterprise.

We provide our clients with clear vision and reliable control across their organization’s data, delivering an end-to-end, enterprise-wide governance strategy through a single consolidated platform.

  • Bridges the complexity gap between business and technology
  • Delivers self-serve regulatory reporting verification and validation to regulators
  • Provides data consistency and quality allowing for more accurate decision-making
  • Increases PII security and decreases operational risk
  • Assigns accountability for data quality by establishing formal data management and distribution processes
  • Optimizes staff efficiency by minimizing or eliminating duplication of work
  • Delivers cost-effectiveness and faster time-to-market

Key functionalities include metadata acquisition and management, lineage and traceability, dependency and impact analysis, and process and work flow.


Good quality data is the cornerstone of all compliance requirements. In the absence of a comprehensive data management framework, organizations can face a series of noncompliance risks and data inconsistencies.

Our Smart Threshold Management tool quantifies data conditions, develops business rules, deploys data quality services, and supports governance with dashboards and reporting that assess the compliance of data against business policies and requirements. The end result is completeness, validity, accuracy, ease-of-use, and availability.

  • Enables business transparency
  • Integrated with data governance for quality monitoring of data, both in-motion and at-rest
  • Identifies data gaps for reliable data reports
  • Preventative measures to protect warehouse data
  • Ongoing tracking and monitoring
  • Automated alerts to all parties and source systems
  • Product metrics for a set of rules adhering to all business rules

We deliver accurate financial data that you can trust.


With nearly 20 years of data integration experience, we take a comprehensive approach to deploying an effective and complete integration into and throughout the enterprise.

Integration techniques include acquisition, transformation, and consolidation of information from various parts of the enterprise data environment (systems, databases, applications, files, and web services) to undergo cleansing, standardizing, deduplication, manipulation, and synchronization between sources.

  • Metadata-driven automated integration optimized for performance and scalability
  • High-performance batch, services, and message-based integration across multiple platforms
  • Seamlessly integrates large volumes of data from disparate, incompatible sources
  • Delivery of data in any format, near real-time
  • User-friendly dashboards and control center to obtain meaningful business intelligence
  • Industrial strength architectures and techniques to eliminate production outages
  • Dedicated team continuously testing to prevent potential outages
  • Reduces development costs, increases efficiencies, and minimizes risk