Complying with complex requirements from different regulators is challenging, confusing, and time-consuming—but mandatory. Varying by country, these regulations govern a wide range of activities, including financial accounting practices, reporting transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and even executive compensation.

Learning compliance by trial and error can prove costly. That’s why our clients come to us—and stay with us. We have a proven track record of getting the job done right. We manage complex regulatory requirements across multiple countries and standards while maintaining storage, backup, and the security and integrity of client data.

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Data quality/reconciliation through automated know-your-customer processes
  • Tools to meet complex anti-money laundering compliance challenges
  • Enterprise customer and account compliance data migration
  • Global development with local implementation
  • Event-triggered reviews and investigation alerts
  • Customer risk profiling, scoring, and rating with continuous and on-going monitoring
  • Scalable across all international boundaries
  • Intercontinental customer traceability
  • Automated case management
  • Compliance metrics
  • Customer/account reconciliation reports

Risk & Regulatory

Regulations are growing increasingly complex and issues continue to converge. That’s why our Risk & Regulatory Reporting solution has been implemented by a multitude of high-profile, financial services organizations.

Our standardized approach and infrastructure address the key challenge of overcoming fragmented and highly manual local regulatory requirements.

  • Regulatory-rules engine to manage global and local regulatory reporting rules
  • Robust engine that applies risk calculation rules against transactional market data
  • Enterprise-wide solution managing basic-to-complex rules specific to each region’s regulatory requirements
  • User-friendly interface empowers business analysts to easily define local regulatory rules
  • “Drill Down” report capability on detailed supporting risk data
  • Automated report generation and delivery
  • Accurate analysis, investigation, and remediation


When the global regulatory reform agenda first challenged financial institutions to implement significant Finance infrastructure changes, we were there every step of the way.

Our Finance solution adheres to both the evolving demands of multiple regulatory organizations and internal compliance, risk, and finance needs, serving as the central backbone for financial and accounting data.

  • Integrates and reconciles with centralized contracts, positions, and reference data
  • Metadata-driven Common Data Acquisition tool that enables rapid onboarding of incoming Journal feeds
  • Central operating sub-ledger and general ledger with multi-country support
  • A transparent flow of financial data
  • Financial Adjustment Entry Module to process real-time correction, including adjustment capability
  • Accurate and efficient month-end financial close processes
  • Data traceability and “Drill Down” capability from a bank’s legal vehicle/country level to a transaction, journal, and contract level
  • Journal to Balance Consolidation for high-volume transactions
  • Standardized and centralized accounting practices including posting, revaluation, translation, ADB calculations, year-end close, month-end close, mid-year close, tax calculations, and financial remaps

Reference Data

Reference data management projects can become an overwhelming undertaking to improve data quality.

At ITI Data, we have deep experience in delivering large-scale data integration environments for Fortune 50 banks and institutions. Our new methodologies, technology, and tools support the effective acquisition, cleansing, storage, and distribution of global reference data, both to specific line-of-business systems and across your enterprise.

  • Integration of multiple reference data feeds consolidated to ensure golden copy for all data attributes via extensible architecture
  • In-depth knowledge of financial domain reference data including capital markets, consumer banking, corporate finance, and compliance data
  • Real-time integration and distribution of master data with robust data integrity processes and procedures for application consumption
  • Automated setup and maintenance of golden reference data leveraging both external and internal providers
  • Assurance of transparent field-level hierarchies used to determine the ultimate golden source for each data attribute
  • Supports a variety of state-of-the-art web interfaces for data browsing and maintenance, as well as a metadata-driven model to view and manage master reference data through the operational workstation


As the world grows increasingly connected and technology advances at an exponential pace, the financial sector must keep up. Real-time payments enable our clients to increase banking convenience and help their consumers better manage their financial lives.

This race toward real-time financial services involves a wide array of stakeholders and possibilities, ranging from common standardization to re-engineering underlying processes and protocols through blockchain technology.

  • Instantly authorize and settle transactions in outbound foreign money transfer users, account-to-account transfer users, person-to-person payment users, and online bill payers
  • Integration platform that reads SWIFT and ISO 20022 real-time payments message processing
  • Metadata-driven customizable for each client’s message
  • Generates secure industrial strength, real-time payments delivery