Dakshesh Lodha
Director, ETL/Ab Initio and Big Data Solution Architect

Dakshesh Lodha is a Director at ITI, focusing on ETL/Ab Initio and Big Data Solution Solutions.

He is proud of ITI’s commitment to training that empowers him and his team to stay up-to-date on market developments and develop POCs to respond to continually changing open systems.

As a team leader, Dakshesh ensures his projects are on track from the very beginning by leading a deep dive into understanding client challenges and requirements. This allows him to ensure ITI provides the best solution by building his team with the right combination of tools, skillsets, and resources. He is known for his exceptional attention to detail and strong project management skills, giving clients confidence that projects will arrive on-time and on-budget.

As a Director, Dakshesh is responsible for executing end-to-end client solutions and automating and improving client processes. He helps clients identify their best-fit solutions ensuring they’re positioned to manage their ever-increasing stores of data.

Dakshesh joined ITI in March 2016 as a Senior Consultant, and his career path has included designing a framework that automatically generates ETL jobs for rules authored by end-users.

Dakshesh’s previous experience spans the healthcare and financial services industries, and included companies like Global Business Consulting Services, Cognizant Technologies, and Infosys Technologies.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from Anna University in Chennai.


“When we write complex code, we make sure it’s very easy from the user’s point of view. Our engineers spend a lot of time in our Innovation Lab where we play—we work, we do exercises, we create our own POCs—so we can share our thought process on these new technologies with our clients.”

– Dakshesh Lodha  



Daksheshkumar Lodha, Director, ETL/Ab Initio and Big Data Solution Architect