Amit Roy
Managing Director, Client Delivery

Amit Roy joined ITI in 2013 and, today, he serves as Managing Director of Client Delivery. Responsible for the successful execution of large client transformation programs, he manages client relationships, project planning, resource allocation, and our onshore and offshore technical teams.

Amit has been instrumental in helping banks achieve regulatory compliance throughout his time at ITI. Our first employee in the EMEA region, he first came on board as a Principal Consultant where his work centered on the direct implementation of new technologies and toolsets for regulatory compliance, including CCA3, FINREP, COREP, and ECB stress testing. Amit’s technical work was well-received, and his role expanded to management. He led a team of more than 50 people across a range of programs and now focuses on data initiatives for clients.

With deep experience under his belt—and almost exclusively in the data arena—Amit’s roles have spanned the banking, insurance, and telecom industries. He launched his career at Accenture, where his work included Ab Initio development, data migration, and CRM implementation, before transitioning to Barclays, where he bore responsibility for change management within the payments domain. He also served as a Delivery Lead at Wipro, where he was leading the company’s data migration initiatives before joining our team.

Amit received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology from Himachal Pradesh University, India.

“Today, clients face significant challenges in adopting new technologies, though they see their benefits. Their staff may not have had the training to support the transition from older technologies or, in some cases, they lack the interest. Our team has the commitment, skillset, and depth of knowledge to help them overcome those challenges.”

– Amit Roy