Andrew Carr
Director and Ab Initio Technical Architect

Andrew Carr is a Director and Ab Initio Architect, focusing on high-quality work and solutions built on solid foundations. As data structures become more and more complex, Andy’s understanding of how data relationships change and grow is key to delivering success for ITI clients where the Ab Initio software suite is at the solution core.

Essentially, Andy is responsible for simplifying data. With the understanding of how data grows exponentially and shifts from one point to another, Andy is able to build and support a solid data management system. This allows ITI to provide a strong solution that is seamless and flexible for the clients we serve.

Before joining ITI in 2020, Andy honed his Ab Initio skills in engineering and team lead positions at Santander UK, Barclays Bank UK, Sony, NYSE London, and Visa Europe. With his data management experience, combined with a background in business, he transforms how data is managed in our fast-paced world.

Andy received his Bachelor of Science Degree with first-class honors from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London. He is a Certified AB Initio Technician and is a registered MIMMM Certified Engineer.

“I have a broad background in understanding business problems. I’m very good at getting to the bottom of what needs to be done.”

– Andrew Carr


Andrew Carr