Ankur Agarwal
Managing Director, Solution Delivery

Able to cross the cavernous divide between business and technology, Ankur Agarwal brings a valuable skill set to the table as Managing Director of Solution Delivery. Today, he is responsible for client relationship management, resourcing strategy, and allocation of on-site and offshore teams, as well as solution design, delivery, architecture, and maintenance for both Citibank and a large credit card client.

Paired with his hands-on managerial style, Ankur’s unique ability to understand challenges from both a technical and business perspective has enabled him to provide the client and team support necessary to keep projects moving forward seamlessly, ultimately delivering client value. It is this ability that not only drove the expansion of our Citibank account but enabled us to secure a new, large credit card client, as well.

Ankur first joined ITI in 2013 as a Senior Developer, where his savvy technical and people management skills evolved into a managerial role.

Before this time, Ankur worked as an ETL developer for both IBM India and Barclays Bank, before transitioning to a technical delivery management position at Barclays.

Having built a successful, meaningful career and driven by his thirst for learning, Ankur has graciously shared his career development insight with students at college career events.

Ankur graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics from Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior.

“In today’s world, every client wants to understand how they can arrive at the best quality solution, while also reducing their costs. They’re also looking for a firm they can trust to be responsive; their systems are mission-critical, and issues can arise at any time. I work with our clients to develop the teams and strategies that help them achieve these goals.”

– Ankur Agarwal