Rajarshi Chatterjee
Managing Director, Solution Delivery

A leader on emerging technologies integration in the banking and financial industries, Rajarshi Chatterjee serves as Managing Director of Solution Delivery. In this role, he manages our ITI teams responsible for solutions, architecture, and innovations delivery to our global portfolio of clients. What’s more, he leverages the ITI Innovation Lab to deliver Ab Initio, Talend, open source, data science, and cloud technologies proofs of concept to both prospective and current clients, including Citigroup, Synchrony Financial, and other APAC region customers. Through his innovative approaches and development accelerators, Rajarshi ensures a smooth client experience from concept to delivery. 

Additionally, Rajarshi stands-up, maintains, and manages our ITI internal training and innovation labs, ensuring our development teams service our clients with leading-edge technologies and insight.

Rajarshi joined ITI as a Developer in 2012, and he’s reliably delivered client success ever since.

Not only did he develop global financial regulatory compliance frameworks and solution accelerators, retail risk calculations programs, and Hadoop data lakes as Technical Lead, both his Citi regulatory compliance framework and his Citi Know Your Customer (KYC) Program development acceleration framework drove massive growth at ITI.

Prior to joining ITI, Rajarshi served as a Consultant and IT Analyst for Tata Consultancy Services.

Rajarshi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University.

“Innovate. Adapt. Implement. Turn data into information, and information into insight with us.”

– Rajarshi Chatterjee