Satya Pandey
Managing Director – ETL/Ab Initio and Big Data Solution Architect & Delivery

Satya Pandey joined ITI in 2015 and, today, serves as Managing Director – ETL/Ab Initio and Big Data Solution Architect & Delivery. Responsible for executing end-to-end client solutions, Satya’s expertise spans automation, technologies optimization, and systems and process improvement, as well as solution design, development, and delivery.

Applying deep technical expertise and a results-driven approach to every task at hand, Satya routinely maximizes business performance for clients across the banking, finance, credit rating, and telecom industries, including Citigroup and Synchrony Financial. In fact, his exceptional performance on behalf of Synchrony not only resulted in a two-fold expansion of the ITI resources assigned to that account but attracted new clients, as well. 

What’s more, Satya is a natural team builder and problem solver. Not only does he expertly guide client projects, he also manages a core team of talented technical and business staff to define and develop our next generation of business and technology foundational platforms.

Prior to coming onboard at ITI, Satya was engaged in both technical and managerial roles for a range of clients and employers, including Capgemini, Exusia, Barclays Bank, and Vodacom.

Satya earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Application, and achieved an advanced diploma in computer application, as well.

“Oftentimes, when clients encounter a problem, they identify a new technology that may solve their challenge—but they don’t know how to successfully implement it. That’s why they come to us; they know we’re delivery-focused and that we have the right people in place to lay down their solid foundation.”

– Satya Pandey