Vishal Mahajan
Director, Solution Delivery for India Operations

Vishal recognizes the paramount importance of nurturing a harmonious synergy between the offshore center in Chennai and delivering exceptional client experiences, all underpinned by a strong company culture. A key member of the ITI team for more than a decade, he brings his passion for people to his role as Director of Solution Delivery for India Operations.

Entrusted with ensuring the smooth execution of diverse client projects, Vishal collaborates with on-site account managers and the HR team for strategic capacity planning. He adeptly manages escalations, consistently surpassing client expectations. Along with managing Chennai operations in India, he additionally takes on the responsibility of being the pan-India training coordinator for ITI’s Innovation Lab, ensuring that our team continually enhances its skills in line with the evolving landscape of information and data management solutions. This also contributes to their professional development and career advancement.

Vishal commenced his journey with ITI in 2013, stepping into the position of project manager. Leading a team of 50 individuals across various projects, he played a pivotal role in delivering not only a seamless client experience but also ensuring the timely completion of projects for Citi. Rising through the ranks to head of operations and now director, his leadership has been instrumental in boosting employee retention.

Prior to ITI, Vishal spent nearly seven years with HP as a software engineer, on-site coordinator, and project lead.

He graduated with a B.Tech degree in IT from the International Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata.


“ITI boasts a team of skilled professionals with deep expertise in information and data management solutions. We value our employees’ contribution and fosters a positive company culture focused on collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.”

– Vishal Mahajan


Vishal Mahajan